Classes for Older Children and Adults

Introduction to Body Mapping

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body
with Jane Murray, RI Philharmonic Musician & Faculty

Prevent Bad Habits, Remain Pain Free, Play with Joy
Body Mapping is the practical application of anatomy to movement. Learn how the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and joints work together and how this applies to the movements of singing or playing an instrument.

About Body Mapping

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SCHEDULE Thursday August 20 • 3-9pm
LOCATION Carter Center
TUITION $125 (including pizza dinner)

Music Theory

Ages 7 through adult.

This sequential, curriculum-based class includes the study of notation, scales, chords, intervals, ear training and more. The course is for students who are interested in improving their sight reading skills or want to deepen their understanding of music. It is also a great preparation for students considering majoring in music in college.

We offer group Theory & Ear Training classes for all ages—elementary school students through adults—and all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Students take a placement evaluation before starting the class. Offered in Fall and Spring.

Note: Minimum enrollment of four students required.

Instructor: Roberta Bishop

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FIRST CLASS Wednesday, October 10
Saturday, October 13
SCHEDULE Wednesdays: 7:00pm - 8:00pm • 14 weeks
Saturdays: 12:30pm - 1:30pm • 10 weeks
LOCATION Carter Center
TUITION Wednesday Class: $362.00 (including deposit)
Saturday Class: $258.57 (including deposit)

Guitar Ensemble

Ages 8–adult

This year-long weekly ensemble for beginning and intermediate guitarists explores classical and contemporary guitar repertoire while building the fundamentals of group study and performance.

Note: Students must have at least 2 years of private lesson experience.

Instructor: Christine Chito

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FIRST CLASS Monday, September 22
SCHEDULE 60min • 14 weeks
TIME Mondays; 7:45p
LOCATION Carter Center
TUITION $343 (including $55.75 deposit)

Piano Duet and Accompaniment

Middle & High School Students

Intermediate and advanced students explore repertoire written for piano four hands and accompany students playing other instruments. This class presents pianists with a great opportunity to share the joy of music making!

Summer Alternative Strings

Children Through Adults with 3+ Years Experience

This 6 week summer alternative styles string ensemble will explore different string playing techniques used in rock, jazz and folk music. Come learn to chop, improvise and play chords on your instrument along with a drummer and keyboard player, then incorporate these into some familiar songs. This group is open to any string player with 3+ years of experience. Perfect for RIPYO Repertory and Symphony players that want to have some fun and a great challenge for Intermediate and String Orchestra players. Adults welcome. Register for Adult Guitar

FIRST CLASS Thursday, October 2
TEACHER Erin Erban
TIME Tuesdays, 6–8pm
LOCATION Carter Center
TUITION $160 (Adults free with paying child)

Adult Guitar

This informal, low-key playing opportunity is for adults who have some prior classical guitar experience. The group meets weekly to develop ensemble skills and to create a short program of guitar trios or quartets that will be presented in a performance for friends and family. Participants should be able to play beginning level classical guitar repertoire and have basic music reading ability. A classical (nylon-string) guitar is required.

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FIRST CLASS Thursday, October 2
SCHEDULE 60min • 30 weeks
TIME Thursdays; 7pm
LOCATION Carter Center
TUITION $640 (including $160 deposit)

Music Production

We’re excited to offer courses in Ableton Live—one of the recording world’s most popular programs for music production, recording and live performance.

Recording Ensemble

Ages 12 – Adult

This class is for students interested in writing original music and who want to learn to use the computer as a musical instrument. Students learn the use of the recording process to compose a song from drums to the melody in a step-by-step process. Students learn basic digital recording operations with Apple GarageBand and investigate composition and arrangement with hands-on experience in the computer lab. At the end of the week students will have recordings of their original songs. Students must be familiar with at least four major scales as well as sixteenth-note rhythms. Familiarity with piano/keyboard is helpful but not a requirement.

Instructor: Liam Sullivan

Note: Minimum enrollment of 5 students required.
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FIRST CLASS Wednesday, October 1
SCHEDULE 60min • 15 weeks
TIME Wednesdays; 6p (15 Weeks)
LOCATION Carter Center
TUITION $364 (including $91 deposit)

Intro to Music Production with Ableton Live

Ages 13 – Adult

In this course students learn the fundamentals of music production using Ableton Live, while discovering ways to incorporate Live into their practicing, writing, recording and performing. This course will serve as an introduction to the digital audio workstation, multi-track audio recording, MIDI programming, basic performing techniques, basic songwriting and basic mixing techniques. These courses also focus specifically on what makes Ableton Live a unique application—its dual view interface, live performance capabilities, powerful native plug-in collection, and flexibility as a collaborative tool.

Instructor: Matthew Lynch

  • The basics of music production & multi-track recording
  • Software & hardware optimization
  • User interface overview
  • Session view vs. Arrangement view
  • Recording audio
  • The MIDI note & drum editor
  • Using scenes to compose & organize ideas
  • Introduction to effects and automation
  • Introduction to MIDI mapping & key mapping

Note: Minimum enrollment of 5 students required.
Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic computer use. Basic musical vocabulary and understanding is a plus.

Ableton Live for Bands & Artists

Ages 16 – Adult

Throughout this course students learn to use Ableton Live to write, record, edit, mix and perform their music. Whether students are interested in electronic music, classical, jazz, hip-hop or folk, this course explains the capabilities of Ableton Live as a writing and performance tool. We will cover the basics of digital audio and desktop music production, move on to what capabilities make Ableton Live such a unique program, and explore how to use Live in your home studio and on stage.

Instructor: Matthew Lynch

  • Software & hardware optimization
  • User interface overview
  • Session view vs. Arrangement view
  • Recording and editing audio
  • Using scenes to compose & organize ideas
  • Creative use of effects and automation
  • MIDI mapping and control
  • Mixing techniques
  • Basic mastering
  • Performing with Ableton Live

Note: Minimum enrollment of 5 students required.
Prerequisites: Basic instrumental or vocal skills. Familiarity with basic computer use.