When should my child start music lessons?
What are the Early Childhood classes?
How do we select an instrument for my child?
When can my child start private voice lessons?
What is the Suzuki method?
How is the Suzuki method different from a traditional method?
Will my child learn jazz, rock or pop music or just classical?
If we choose piano lessons, do we need to own a piano? Is a keyboard okay?
Do you ever send teachers out to people's home?
How much should children practice?
Do you teach adult beginners?
What if my child starts lessons, but changes his/her mind?
Is it a good idea for me to sit in on the lessons with my child?
What performance opportunities do students have?
Does my child have to be in a recital?
When do I pay tuition? Can I pay in installments?
Do you offer discounts for private lessons?
How many weeks are in each session?
When will I know my child’s scheduled lesson day, time and teacher?
What if we can’t attend lessons every week?
What if the teacher cancels a lesson or the school closes due to inclement weather?
What if our schedule changes before the session begins?
What if our schedule changes during the session?
What if my child joins a sports team or club that conflicts with his/her lesson time?
What are 'credit lessons'?

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